The wild flowers of Hastingleigh, Bodsham and Elmsted

We started this site in 2003 and over the next year or so we hope to catalogue most of the wild flowers in this area of the North Downs.  This is a start.  Comments and corrections very welcome.

References are to: Collins Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe, 5th Edition ("Collins"); Readers Digest Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of Great Britain, 2001 ("Readers Digest")

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Maps of area, public footpaths, bridleways, byways: 

Wye to Hassel Street: http://www.kent.gov.uk/sp/countrysideaccess/prow/tile288.html;

Hastingleigh, Bodsham and Elmsted: http://www.kent.gov.uk/sp/countrysideaccess/prow/tile289.html




Bluebell Lesser celandine
Bugle Lucerne  
Bush vetch Marjoram  
Common Birds-foot- trefoil Musk mallow  
Crosswort Ox-eye daisy  
Common centaury Primrose  
Common cleaver Ramsons (Wild garlic)
Common dog violet Red campion  
Common field speedwell Red deadnettle  
Common fleabane Ribwort plantain  
Common knapweed Self-heal  
Common toadflax Shepherd's purse  
Corn mint Spindle-tree
Cowslip Traveller's joy (wild clematis)  
Cuckoo flower Tufted vetch  
Cut-leaved cranesbill White deadnettle  
Dame's violet White flowered sweet violet
Dog's mercury Wild radish
Early purple orchid Wild strawberry  
Field forget-me-not Wood anemone  
Field pansy Wood vetch  
Field scabious Yarrow  
Foxglove Yellow archangel  
Garlic mustard  
Germander speedwell    
Greater stitchwort  
Green hellebore  
Hedge bedstraw
Hedge woundwort    
Herb Robert    
Lady's bedstraw    

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Hastingeigh: http://www.wye-downs.co.uk http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Libr/MIs/MIsHastingleigh/01.htm  

Weather: http://www.metoffice.com/weather/europe/uk/southeast.html

Elmsted and area: http://members.lycos.co.uk/elmsted/elmsted_web_page.htm

Wye: http://www.wye.org/index.asp

North Downs: http://spin.space.noa.gr/frameset.html?url=/testarea/kent/description.html

Kent Wildlife Trust: http://www.kentwildlife.org.uk/index.htm

Kentish Stour Countryside Project: http://www.kentishstour.org.uk/

Kent Downs: http://www.kentdowns.org.uk/

Area: http://www.nationaltrails.gov.uk/northdownsframeset.htm; http://www.kent.gov.uk/sp/countrysideaccess/section/index-WalksRides.html

Wild flowers: http://www.reallywildflowers.co.uk/ ; http://www.naturescape.co.uk/

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