Cuckoo flower (Cardamine pratensis)


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Part of the cabbage flower family, this delicate lilac coloured flower, flowers from April to June and is abundant in this region.  It prefers damp meadows and moist grassy verges.  The colouring is variable from deep lilac to white.  Known as the Cuckoo flower because it flowers during the time the Cuckoo begins to sing.  Folklore links the flower to milkmaids and the Virgin Mary with alternative names ‘Milkmaid’ and ‘Lady’s smock’.  Myth in Austria has it that if picked by anyone that person would shortly be bitten by an Adder.  The green leaves are sometimes used in salad instead of watercress. 

April-early May in Hassell Street abundant on right hand side from crossroads where verge widens out




Below is a smaller and later flowering variety, with white or lilac flowers found in a garden